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Business Lunch Etiquette for the Guest
Monday, 29 June 2015 - 14:04 | Views - 911
If you have been invited to a professional lunch or business meeting, you need to make sure you understand the rules of etiquette. Even though it a more relaxed place to conduct business, you should continue to maintain the integrity of your position.

Follow these tips to show good manners as a guest at a business lunch:

Don’t be late. When you agree to meet someone for a business lunch, be on time. Otherwise, you may come across as inconsiderate, disorganized, or incompetent.

Put your cell phone on silent. You don’t want to chat or text on your cell phone during your business lunch, or you will appear rude.

Be careful what you order. Try to avoid ordering messy food that can make you appear sloppy. Finger foods are okay as long as they don’t have sticky, gooey sauces all over them.

Don't drink alcohol. Most of the time you are better off not consuming alcohol if you are a guest during a business lunch. You need to keep your mental faculties as sharp as possible during the entire meeting.

Be cautiously friendly. You may chat about common interests, hobbies, or sports, but avoid anything controversial that may put you in an adversarial position with the host.

Show proper etiquette. If you are unsure about table manners, brush up on them and practice before you go to your business lunch.

Show gratitude. Thank your host before you leave and follow up with a thank you note.
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