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What to Do After a Job Loss
Friday, 27 March 2015 - 11:15 | Views - 1,187
Losing a job can be traumatic in a number of ways – from the drop in income to a dip in your self-esteem. There are some things you can’t control, but one thing you can is how you react to the pink slip. Avoid any type of reaction when you first get the news because the shock might cause you to do something you will later regret. Hold back the urge to overreact when your boss gives you the heave-ho. Exit InterviewMost large companies offer exit interviews to employees whether they resign or get laid off, so take advantage of it. Before your appointment with the human resources associate, have a plan of action.

Exit interview tips:

Dress in professional attire to leave the best impression possible. How you look now is as important as when you initially interviewed for the job.
Show up for your exit interview on time. This shows professional respect and may make the difference between a good reference and possibly being rehired in the future.
Answer all questions in a matter-of-fact manner without placing blame on anyone.
Avoid the temptation to badmouth your coworkers, supervisor, or anyone else you worked with.
If this is a massive layoff, ask if there is a chance for re-employment when the company’s situation changes.
Ask if the company has any open positions that you may be qualified for.
Ask if the company offers a severance package.
Request information on retraining and job placement.
Thank the interviewer for his or her time and follow up with a handwritten note later.
Before you sign anything, read every word and understand what the document says. If you need additional time, request another day or two to read over the paperwork.

Avoid ConflictYou may have very hard feelings toward your company or supervisor after being let go, but do everything in your power to avoid conflict. Anything you say or do can be added to your personnel record. If you are allowed to go back to your desk to get your personal belongings, resist the temptation to say disparaging remarks to the person in the next cubicle. Even if it makes you feel better, you never know how your comments will be received and used against you later.Business NetworkingPull out your list of business cards and contact people you have either worked with or met with on a professional level. Let them know that you are currently unemployed and would like to know if they are aware of positions you may be qualified for. Keep the conversation positive. If anyone asks for details, you may simply say that the company had to make some adjustments in personnel, and are now free to pursue another position.Social NetworkingChances are, you are connected to one or more social networks. Go ahead and change your employment status, but continue to maintain a positive demeanor. Social media can be one of your best tools to find a job, but it can also prevent a prospective employer from hiring you if there is any doubt about your character. Remember that whatever you put on the Internet will be there forever.Don’t PretendPush your pride aside and face your unemployment head on. If people ask about your job, let them know that you are looking for work. Pretending doesn’t help anyone, while informing others will give them an opportunity to help.Be UnderstandingYour friends and colleagues may feel awkward around you, so be understanding if they avoid conversation. If they say something inappropriate, reassure them that you understand they are uncomfortable. Don’t hold anything against them because you need to keep your friends during this difficult time.Circumvent NegativityThe way you handle your unemployment reflects only on you and your character. If you stay positive and continue to network, without dragging others down, you are much more likely to find a new position quickly. If your friends encourage you to “open up” and share negative thoughts, change the subject. This is not the time to let yourself wallow in something you can’t change.
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