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Classroom Etiquette for Students
Monday, 16 February 2015 - 11:43 | Views - 869
Everyday Behavior

There are a few standard rules that every student should observe at all times when it comes to behavior in the classroom.
1. Respect others.
You are sharing your classroom with several other people who are just as important as you. Don't try to make others feel embarrassed. Don't make fun of others, or roll your eyes, or make faces when they are speaking.

2. Be polite.
If you must sneeze or cough, don't do it on another student. Turn away and use a tissue. Say "Excuse me."

If someone is brave enough to ask a question, don't laugh or make fun of them.

Say thank you when someone else does something nice.

Use appropriate language.

3. Keep supplies stocked. Keep tissues and other supplies in your desk so you'll have one when you need it! Don't become a constant borrower.

When you see your eraser or your pencil supply shrinking, ask your parents to restock.

4. Be organized. Messy work spaces can become distractions. Try to clean your own space often, so your clutter doesn't interfere with the classroom work flow.

Make sure you have a space for storing supplies that must be replenished. This way you will know when your supplies are running low, and you won't have to borrow.

5. Be Prepared. Maintain a homework checklist and bring your finished homework and projects to class with you on the due date.

6. Be On Time. Arriving late to class is bad for you and it is bad for other students. When you walk in late, you interrupt the work that has begun. Lean to be punctual!

You also risk the possibility of getting on the teacher's nerves. This is never good!

Special Rules for Special Times

1. While the Teacher is Talking

Look at the teacher to make eye contact unless you're writing notes.
Don't whisper
Don't pass notes
Don't throw things
Don't laugh
Don't make funny faces to make other people laugh
2. When You Have a Question

Wait for your turn to ask a question. If someone else is speaking, simply wait with your hand raised (or whatever process your teacher requires).
Don't say "me, next" or "oh" when you're waiting with your hand raised. You will be noticed!
3. When Working Quietly in Class

Don't hum or fidget to distract other students.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Don't brag if you finish first.
Don't make rude comments about another student's work or habits.
4. When Working in Small Groups

Respect the work and the words of your group members.

If you don't like an idea, be polite. Never say "That's dumb," or anything that would embarrass a classmate. If you really don't like an idea, you can explain why without being rude.

Speak to fellow group members in a low voice. Don't speak loud enough for other groups to hear.

5. During Student Presentations

Don't try to distract the speaker.
Keep your eyes on the speaker.
Don't make rude comments.
Try to think of a question if the speaker invites the class to ask.
6. During Tests

Remain quiet until everyone is finished.
Don't get up and walk around unless it's absolutely necessary.
Everybody likes to have fun, but there is a time and a place for fun. Don't try to have fun at the expense of others, and don't try to have fun at inappropriate times. The classroom can be fun, but not if your fun involves rudeness!
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