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Common Courtesy Public Restroom Etiquette
Friday, 06 February 2015 - 12:25 | Views - 1,632
If you are like most people you probably do not really like having to use public restrooms. Still, on many occasions they are necessary and who hasn't been glad to see one at some point in their life.

Listed here are some of the common problems with public restrooms along with practical tips on how to deal with them gracefully.

Things to Remember When Using Public Restrooms.
If you make a mess on the seat or floor please make an effort to clean up after yourself. If this is impossible, at least alert the staff so that they can tend to the problem.

If you are having gastrointestinal problems you may want to give a 'courtesy flush' once or twice as you relieve yourself. This will help eliminate unpleasant odors and embarrassment.

Try not to use the handicap, family or baby changing stalls unless you fall into one of those categories. These facilities are available so that people who need them will have access to them.

Try to be thoughtful by not yelling across the restroom to others or talking on your cell phone while you are in the stall.
Remember to wash and dry your hands after using the restroom.

If the business, hotel or restaurant has a steward in the restroom area don't forget to leave a tip.

These common sense tips may be used in any setting from halls and restaurants to private homes. Just remember to take care to be commonly courteous in all you do and say--even in the public restroom.
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