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The Top 5 Companies For Temporary Wallpaper
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 - 13:30 | Views - 1,428
Many of us have faint memories of helping our mothers put up old school wallpaper with paste and buckets of water (and maybe a few tears). Even as popular as it has become in the last few years, for some people, wallpaper still conjures images of difficulty to apply papers and the truly horrid patterns that were so popular in homes in the 1970s. And though the patterns have gotten significantly better, the part about it being hard to put up is still true – and a good reason for renters and even some homeowners to think twice before committing.

But with the introduction of temporary or removable wallpaper, personalizing a space with wallpaper can be easy, fun and even quick.

More than a few renters have fallen in love with temporary wallpaper as a solution to getting around the limitations set out by their property managers. At the same time it eases the concerns of homeowners who aren't ready to commit to something as large-scale and permanent as a wallpaper project. Due to the affordability and near-infinite choices now available, families are able to completely re-imagine a room every few years if they want. Temporary wallpaper is so popular that it can be found at your local home improvement or box store. But for something really special, you'll want to think outside of the basic options. And when that happens, here are the five companies you'll want to start with when searching for temporary wallpaper.

Swag Paper offers a diverse range of options, including vintage maps, nursery items and holiday-themed papers. Installation of their pieces is easier than items from many companies because they offer custom-cut options. Simply send them the desired measurements for a piece, and the wallpaper you receive will be cut to those dimensions. This is a huge benefit if the space you are trying to fill is an odd shape (like a stairwell).

Blik not only offers temporary wallpaper options, they also do wall decals. Customers can find virtually any subject matter, from pop culture to traditional artwork. They’re an especially good option if you’re looking for a licensed piece of artwork like something that features a popular video game or cartoon character. The folks at Blik definitely have a sense of humor and many of their options will instantly become conversation pieces in your home.

If you’re looking for basic and affordable options, Chasing Paper might be the place for you to find your temporary wallpaper. They offer a wide range of graphics and patterns, and you can also buy chalkboard temporaries from them which can transform the style of an office space or kitchen while keeping you organized at the same time.

If you wish to convert a personal artwork or photo into a mural, Easy Wallz is ready to handle the job. They specialize in large, mural-style works, and they have a wide selection of temporary wallpapers to choose from. They also offer unique options for covering doors and have many themes that are great for children. Temporary wallpaper can be especially helpful when kids are growing up, and the themes they may have liked a few years ago might seem a bit embarrassing to them today.

Easy Wallz makes it easy to pull off the Sesame Street themed wallpaper and replace it with your child's latest (non-Elmo-based) obsession when the time comes.

Another company that focuses on affordable options and providing many patterns in the form of both wallpaper and decals is Walls Need Love. A large number of their themes are aimed at families with children, and they offer a wide range of whimsical options. The company maintains affordable price points by working with independent artists rather than dealing in commercially licensed work.
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