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Beach Etiquette Tips
Tuesday, 07 April 2015 - 12:22 | Views - 989
When the weather is nice, there is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach…unless you meet up with someone who is rude, obnoxious, and shakes a towel in your direction, coating your glistening oiled body with sand. Following basic manners at the beach isn’t difficult. It simply involves considering others. After all, isn’t that what most etiquette rules are all about? Next time you feel pulled to the surf, sunshine, and sand, go on and enjoy yourself. Just make sure you don’t ruin someone else’s good time.

Pick a good spot.
As soon as you arrive at the beach, take a look around for a spot to park your blanket. Unless it is extremely crowded, try to be considerate of the personal space of others and allow at least 20 feet from the nearest neighboring blanket. If you go during a holiday weekend, you’ll have to squeeze in wherever you see a bare patch of sand. If you have a beach umbrella, be careful not to obstruct someone else’s view of the water. They might need to keep an eye on their children.

Hold down the noise.
You may love heavy metal or rap music, but that doesn’t give you license to inflict it on others. Yes, it’s fun to listen to sounds at the beach, but make sure you have your ear buds plugged in. Don’t holler or scream, unless there’s an emergency. You don’t want to give others a heart attack. Remember that sound travels at the beach.

Don't kick up the sand.
No one likes sand in the eyes, so be courteous of others when you shake your blanket, walk by others, and play beach games. When you need to shake the blanket, do it downwind and as far away from others as you can get. Most people wear sandals or flip-flops when going to the beach, and that’s fine. Just take them off before you hit the sand, or you may find yourself flipping the powdery white stuff all over someone else’s blanket as you walk by. Feel free to play beach volleyball, Frisbee, or whatever beach games you enjoy. Just do it as far away from other people as you can get. Better yet, invite anyone who wants to play. You might make some new friends.

Don't bring glass containers.
Leave your glass containers at home. Use plastic and paper when you go to the beach. Most people are barefoot, and you don’t want to cause injury if the glass breaks.

Don't smoke.
When you go to the beach, try to enjoy the fragrant salty air. Smoking ruins the total beach effect, and it really annoys others who are downwind. If you can’t go an hour without a smoke before going ballistic, separate yourself from others and make sure you are the one who is downwind. Dispose of your cigarette in a trash receptacle, not the sand.

Don't feed the wildlife.
Birds and other animals at the beach can find their own food that is much healthier than the over-processed, salted, high-fat snacks in your picnic basket. Seagulls are good at begging and hovering. If you feed them, you may make them even more aggressive.

Dispose of your litter properly.
Most public beaches have trashcans positioned in strategic locations so you don’t have to walk too far to get rid of your garbage. Never toss it into the water or leave it on the sand for others to pick up, and no one likes walking around litter on the beach.

Follow the posted rules.
Most beaches have rules posted near the entrance. Read them and follow them. They are for the safety and enjoyment for everyone. Pay attention to the lifeguards. If they call everyone in from the water, do what they say. You don’t want to get struck by lightening, bitten by a shark, or pulled away by an undertow.

Respect everyone else at the beach.
Mind your manners at a public beach. This means dressing properly, not taking pictures of anyone without their permission, and following the Golden Rule.
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