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Instagram success for furloughed Debenhams stylist
Wednesday, 09 February 2022 - 0:42 | Views - 255


A Debenhams personal stylist furloughed in the Covid pandemic is helping people around the world to dress well, having become a full-time Instagram influencer.

Stacie Elsmore from Stafford has grown her profile from 8,000 followers to more than 100,000.


She says her aim is to make styling outfits accessible and sustainable.

"I wanted an element of my old job in this one, which was making people feel good about themselves through clothes."


Ms Elsmore was furloughed in March 2020, with the department store chain closing its doors the following year, leaving thousands without jobs.


But behind the scenes, Miss Elsmore was on Instagram, growing her fashion enthusiast followers.

"I've had the platform since it started in 2010 - I just used to post pictures of my outfits," she said.


She said clothes could be therapeutic, adding her advice was worth it "if I can make a little difference about how someone feels and goes about their day".


One follower messaged her to say: "You've made me step out my comfort zone - I've been in such a rut since working from home in just t-shirts and leggings and you have made me feel myself again and get my style back."


Ms Elsmore said: "If you don't feel confident in something that you really love, wear it around the house to get used to it, as often it's the shock factor of something different and you just need to adjust."


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