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Women's Henley
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A henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt that has a rounded neckline.

While it has traditionally been a style that has been geared towards men, the henley is now manufactured in women's styles.

The henley is distinguished by its buttoned placket that pulls its neckline together, resembling that of a polo shirt. This slit runs from the neckline down to mid-chest.

Henleys for both men and women often feature two to five buttons, which can be opened to varying extents to provide additional ventilation. These buttons also make the shirt easier to be put on and removed.

Henleys usually come equipped with a rib-knit collar and cuffs, which add stretchy comfort. They are made using a wide variety of fabrics, such as cotton and a cotton-polyester blend.

They also come in many different thicknesses to accommodate the weather and in a variety of colors to suit any woman's color pallet.

Henleys can be either long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or have three-quarter sleeves and can be fashioned as an undergarment, as sleepwear, or as a t-shirt.

They are great for layering, or they can be worn on their own.

In order to give women an idea about which style of henley would be best for them, this guide will discuss a range of topics including the history of henleys, some of the different types of henley shirts, which henley will best fit a woman's body type, and will give instruction on how and where to buy these shirts.

History of Henley Shirts

The henley shirt was first introduced in the late 19th century in an English town called Henley-on-Thames.

Rowing crews from this town first sported uniforms of this particular style of pullover shirt that featured a heavy wool and cotton blend with round necklines and three buttons.

These uniforms grew in popularity amongst the population, earning them the name "henley shirt" from the town in which the shirts originated.

Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, is credited with reintroducing the style in the 20th century.

After a New York wholesaler introduced Lauren to the vintage henley shirt, Lauren altered the style into casual wear in an attempt to make it more marketable.

The shirt has since gone in and out of style, surging in popularity during the 1940s, the 1970s, and the 1990s.

Types of Henley Shirts

Traditionally regarded as an all-purpose work shirt, the henley is now manufactured in a wide array of detailed variations and styles. The versatility of the shirt makes it perfect for a long day at the office, for a sporting event, or for bedtime comfort.

Business Casual Henley

A business casual henley is considered acceptable attire to wear to the office on a Friday, for example.

This style of henley can be layered with a collared undershirt blouse to boost its look, or it can be worn underneath a blazer.

The shirt's material provides a non-wrinkled appearance while maintaining its formality.

Women can tuck the shirt into a nice pair of slacks or jeans to complete the outfit.

To maintain a modest look, women should leave only one or two buttons open when wearing the shirt in this type of setting.

Some business casual henleys also come equipped with a chest pocket, allowing women to carry work essentials such as a pen with them throughout the workday.

Uniform Henley

Henley shirts are often used as an alternative to other types of uniform tops, such as t-shirts.

Like other jersey types, players' numbers and team logos can be printed or embroidered on the henley shirt.

These shirts tend to be oversized, allowing for ease of movement and providing adequate ventilation of body heat during exercise.

The henley is often geared towards non-contact sports, such as rowing and softball, since the additional buttons on the shirt can be problematic during full-contact events.

Sports henleys are durable, lightweight, and come in a wide range of team colors.

They contain a ribbed neck collar that is often dyed to match its buttons.

Traditional henley styling may also be updated with sporty color blocking.

Sleepwear Henley

Henley shirts can be styled as nightwear and may vary in type, depending on the season.

Warmer styles, such as the popular henley thermal, may be worn in colder weather as it uses trapped body heat to insulate the wearer against cold air.

Other cotton and synthetic blend fabrics offer the cool, breathable comfort of cotton plus the durability and stretchiness of polyester and spandex for warmer evenings.

Military Style Henley

Military-style henleys usually feature one or two chest pockets and contain epaulet details.

This ornamental shoulder piece adds flare to the henley and imitates military epaulets that come in various colors and lengths and are commonly worn to signify rank.

Military style henleys are fashionable while still providing a military feel.

Choosing a Henley for a Women's Body Type

When choosing a henley, it is important to pick a style that will best compliment a woman's body shape.

Knowledge of these shapes can help women determine which henley is most flattering to wear.

A shirt that is cut for a woman with a certain body type will not fit or look the same on a woman with a different body type.

Aside from personal style preferences, a woman should determine how to dress in a way that will accentuate her body's qualities.

The shirt should flatter a woman's bust, her hips, and her waist.

Depending on a woman's body shape, she may carry more weight on a certain area of her body.

Most women fall into one of four categories: apple, rectangular, pear, or hourglass.

Apple Body Type

Apple body types have a bust measurement that is larger than their hip measurement.

This body type generally carries their weight around their midsection.

Women with an apple body type should choose a henley that emphasizes their bottom half while drawing attention away from their shoulders, arms, and waist.

Solid-colored, long sleeved henleys will successfully downplay a woman's problem areas.

Women should also focus on a V-neck style henley that will accentuate her bust and neck and slim down her broad shoulders.

Leaving a few buttons undone will also help to slim a woman's figure.

A henley with an Empire waist will help to hide any thickness in the waist.

Women should also stick to henleys that drape over love handles and that are flowy.

Rectangular Body Type

Rectangular body types have an upper body that is proportionate to their lower body without much curvature at the waist.

Women of this type should focus on a henley that contains embellishments such as frills and ruffles, which add texture and volume and can help to give their bodies some added definition and the illusion of curviness.

Spiral patterned prints instantly create curves and add softness to a woman's figure.

Henleys that give the bust area definition while fitting loosely around the stomach also help to shape a woman's body.

Pear Body Type

The pear body type has a hip measurement that is larger than their bust measurement.

These women generally carry weight in their hips, their thighs, and their bottom, while having slender necks and shoulders.

Women with a pear body type will want to avert attention from their lower half.

By wearing a bright colored or patterned henley, women will keep attention on their upper half and away from their trouble areas.

Horizontal lined shirts can also add width to the shoulders to balance out a woman's proportions.

Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body shape is one that has a small waistline with an equal hip and bust line.

If a woman has an hourglass body shape, she will likely want to choose a tighter fitting henley that emphasizes her natural curves.

Solid colored, V-neck henleys will flatter the bust area.

Women should also avoid horizontal stripes, which can visually add bulk to their silhouette.
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