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Introduction Etiquette - Making Introductions
Thursday, 02 March 2017 - 15:46 | Views - 1,145
Learning the unspoken rules of introduction etiquette is a useful social skills.

Knowing how to introduce yourself or how to introduce others puts you and others at social ease.

A great introduction can be the start of a rewarding friendship. Making a good introduction leaves a favorable impression on others.

You are probably already practicing the right way to make introductions without knowing it.

As these are general guidelines, don't worry about making small mistakes. Most people will overlook them or not even realize your blunder.

Eye Contact and Deportment - Introduction Etiquette

Look at the person to whom you are making the introduction (the boss, for instance), then turn to the person you are presenting as you finish (the intern). Then back again at the boss.

If someone is being introduced to you (presented to you), smile and say, "It is very nice to meet you, Jane." while extending your hand for a handshake*.

(*This applies to the appropriate greeting culture and introduction etiquette where it may be kisses or a bow.)

If you are being presented to someone senior, you also say, "Pleased to meet you." but wait for your the extended hand.

Handshakes - Handshaking Etiquette

In the past, a gentleman would never extend his hand unless a lady extended hers first.

Now, the 'highest ranking' tend to extend their hand first.

I believe the right approach is to be flexible here. Have a feel and look around at what others are doing. If you're a woman, just go ahead and extend that hand.

Of course, I don't think women in general would object to shaking the hand to the man who extended his hand first.

In a group, shake the woman's hand first (if you're a guy).

And if you're a woman, shake the hand which is extended to you first.

Kissing, Air Kissing and Hugging - Greetings Etiquette

This depends on the culture and introduction etiquette of the country you're in.

Follow the greeting etiquette according to the culture of the country as much as possible. Do as the Romans do.

Introducing Yourself

Sometimes, the hosts are too busy to introduce you.

Or you may meet a group of people who assume you already know the new person so didn't think that introductions are unnecessary.

Anyhow, you may simply have to introduce yourself if you're going to be talking to anyone in a party with unfamiliar faces.

If you're a single woman - this is a great way to meet people.

Remember that if you forgot your introduction etiquette, a bright smile goes a long way.

Sometimes you may join in the conversation because you know somebody in there, if that person forgets to introduce you, you may wait for a pause in the conversation and introduce yourself.

to the person you don't know. "Hello, I'm Suzy."

Chances are the person forgot you haven't met or has forgotten your name.

Don't take offense, of course.

Do not begin asking, "So what do you do?" - Please also see the art of conversation and conversation blunders.

For more examples, please see these helpful websites of making introductions, introductions for when titles are used, and from a male's perspective.

Introduction Etiquette - When You Are Introduced

1. Smile

2. Repeat the name of the person you have been introduced to, "It is nice to meet you, Daniel (or Mr Tan)."

3. Extend your hand if you are a woman, or in the position of authority.

4. Prepare some conversation starters (if appropriate) or end the conversation politely (especially if the person is engaged in conversation with someone else.)

You should address anyone who has a position of authority or is older than you as Mr., Mrs., Dr., until they ask you to call them by their first names.

Remembering, Pronouncing Names

If you can't remember a name: "I'm sorry, how do I address you again?" or "May I know your name again?"

If you can't pronounce a name: "I'm sorry, how do I pronounce your name?" or "Am I pronouncing your name correctly?"

If someone mispronounces your name: Correct it gently with a smile, and say, "Most people call me ___."

Whatever mistake you make, don't make a fuss. Smile and change the subject.
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