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14 Unspoken Rules Of Social Etiquette Everyone Should Follow
Thursday, 23 February 2017 - 15:56 | Views - 771
It takes a great amount of effort for some people to unlearn or abstain themselves from practicing the basic social etiquette, which can earn them some friends, a clique to hang out with or friendly acquaintances for that matter.

Here are some unspoken rules of social etiquette, we should try to follow

1. Not talking loudly on the phone in theaters

2. Avoid talking with a mouthful of food

3. When the train’s / elevator’s door opens, allow people to exit first

4. Just look at it and give it back. Do not swipe left or right on someone’s phone

5. Offering seat to the elderly person/ pregnant women/ disabled people

6. Anything borrowed should be returned as quickly as possible

7. Do not scratch your crotch in public

8. Don’t over share

9. Do not give away free advice, if not asked

10. Respect buffer zone

11. Do not peep at someone else’s

12. Practice saying “Thank You”

13. Do not forcefully offer your earphones to everyone

14. Be kinder than necessary
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