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12 Rules of Etiquette For Children when at Home
Thursday, 23 February 2017 - 15:53 | Views - 829
1. Always greet the members of your family when you enter and always bid them goodbye when you leave.

2. Always rise to a standing position when visitors enter, and greet them after your elders.

3. Never address a visitor until he has started the conversation unless he is a person of your own age or younger.

4. Never interrupt a conversation. Wait until the party talking has finished.

5. Always rise when your visitor or your elders stand.

6. Never let your mother or your father bring you a chair or get one for themselves. Wait on them instead of being waited on.

7. If you leave or cross the room you should say “Excuse me.”

8. If a visitor should say, “I am glad to have seen you,” you should say, “Thank you.”

9. Never run up and down the stairs or across the room.

10. Talk in a low, even voice. It denotes refinement.

11. Always give way to the younger child. It is your duty to look after them instead of fretting them.

12. Never retire without bidding the members of your family good night.

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