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5 Basics of Modern Dating Etiquette
Thursday, 23 February 2017 - 15:39 | Views - 941
Words like ‘manners’ and ‘etiquette’ seem to be relics fantasized about in conversations of courtship and gallantry.

But, they don’t have to be. The truth is that displaying good manners is a necessity in any area of life.

This includes professional environments, and definitely in more personal environments, such as dating.

Unfortunately, we seem to be losing sight of building this foundation, and are missing even the most basic cues because of it.

1. Put your phone away.

Unless you’re an on-call doctor or have some position where your phone is absolutely essential, then it belongs nowhere near your date.

In an era of constant connectivity and social media overindulgence, one of the best gifts we can give to another human being, is the gift of our undivided attention.

The three times that it’s okay to pull out your phone are (1) when you’re taking a photo together with your date, (2) when you’re showing your date a photo of a pet, child, etc., and (3) when you’ve got to rely on Google to look up a fact or tidbit you’re discussing.

2. Always be punctual.

The biggest first-date deal breakers are a bad attitude, bad manners, and being late.

There is nothing worse than keeping your date waiting.

Make sure you plan properly in advance and turn up right on time to meet your date.

This shows immediately that you are respectful of your date’s time and starts the date o? on the right foot.

3. Chivalry still matters.

Chivalry is not – and should not – be dead.

Chivalry is about the same good manners and etiquette we’re discussing here.

Even today, chivalry matters too many. Some people like to have the door opened for them and for their chair to be pulled out.

Not because they cannot do it themselves, but to feel special and valued on a ?rst date.

4. Men still pay for the date.

I will never be convinced that splitting the bill – especially on a first date – is ever a good idea. Paying for a date is not actually about the money, but more of a gesture, showing effort and respect.

Call it traditionalist, but this is one area (maybe the only area) where I am not super progressive.


Were all-caps necessary? Actually, I think they were.

I feel as though dishonesty from both men and women have led to countless challenges in dating.

I don’t necessarily mean flat out lies, but I do mean not being up front and transparent with how you’re really feeling.

This is how ‘ghosting’ became a thing. Ghosting is when you simply stop talking to someone altogether, instead of giving the situation some sort of closure or finality.
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