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Business Etiquette & Social Graces
Tuesday, 09 August 2016 - 12:39 | Views - 970
Etiquette is an integral part of the business world.

Whether you're introducing a potential client to your supervisor or attending a business dinner, your fellow professionals will expect you to know and abide by basic etiquette rules.

Business etiquette is based on the rules of common courtesy, and like the etiquette rules used in social situations, the goal of business etiquette is demonstrating respect for the people you interact with.


The art of the introduction is essential to both business and social interactions.

The Emily Post Institute describes the rule for making introductions as "speaking to the person you wish to honor first."

For example, when introducing your boss to a new employee, you'd mention your boss first, with a sentence such as "Mr. Peterson, I'd like to introduce you to Emily Smith, the new marketing director.

Emily, this is Mr. Peterson, our CEO."

Business Cards

Just as with introductions, there's a protocol for offering and accepting business cards.

Don't offer up your business card as soon as you meet someone.

Instead, chat for a while to assess whether you'd have a reason to meet or do business together.

If it does seem likely, ask if you can exchange business cards.

When offered someone's card, don't just shove it into your purse or pocket; instead, take a moment to read it so the person knows you're interested in making a connection.

You can also compliment the design or quality of the card.

Dining Etiquette

Deals are often made over business lunches and dinners, areas where business protocol and social graces work together.

Conversation is an essential part of a business meal, so it's crucial to know how to balance business discussion with socializing.

When attending a business meal, break the ice by focusing on small talk until your food arrives.

Ask what books people have read, what movies they've seen, or other topics that aren't too personal or controversial, such as religion or politics.

Whoever asked for the meeting should initiate the business discussion, so if that person is you, let everyone get acquainted and relaxed before getting down to business.

If you were invited, wait for the host to initiate the business conversation.

Brush up on dining etiquette, such as which utensils to use, and order food that's easy to eat so you don't wind up with pesto sauce on your lapel.

Networking Events

Cocktail parties, receptions and other networking events also demonstrate the need for social graces in a business situation.

You're likely to interact primarily with colleagues or other professionals in your field, so you need to maintain the professional image you've cultivated for the workplace.

However, these social events, usually held after-hours, aren't the time to do business either.

Instead, they're focused on making conversation and meeting new people.

Etiquette website The Etiquette Scholar advises avoiding work-related conversation that's negative or confidential.
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