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Airport Manners
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - 11:53 | Views - 2,368
Air travel was once a pleasurable experience. People dressed up, checked in their best luggage, and waited a few minutes until their flight was announced. Happy ticket staff directed them to their flight and even helped them locate their seats if needed. After they boarded their flights, they sipped their drinks as they waited for the smiling flight attendants to bring their meals. If the flight was long enough, they got to put on some headphones and watch a movie. Does this sound like anything you've experienced? If so, you're revealing your age because air travel hasn't been that much fun or relaxing in a very long time.

Now it's more like being herded with a cattle prod as we go through the security checkout. At most airports, we remove our shoes that go into one container, search for and hand over our little quart-size plastic bag with shampoo and toothpaste to make sure it doesn't have anything dangerous in it, and plop all the rest of the stuff in our arms onto the conveyor belt—either in another bin or beside it.

Once we make it through the grueling security line, we look for our gate where we sit for as much as a couple of hours before boarding. After we manage to hoist our carryon bag into the overhead bin, we sit down, fasten our belts, and pray that the person next to us doesn't do something annoying, like talk too much, blow their nose throughout the flight, or have a smelly snack that they insist on eating as soon as they sit down. As frustrating and exhausting as airports and air travel can be, losing your cool only makes the experience worse. Remember that everyone there is in the same position, so instead of acting out, make sure to bring your best manners with you when you fly.
Here are some tips to make your airport experience as pleasant as possible:

1. Be on time. Don't expect the pilot to wait for you if your’re running late because that'll never happen. Show up at the airport on time – or even better, be there early. You're better off waiting to board your flight at the gate than driving like a maniac through rush-hour traffic at the last minute.

2. Be prepared. Have your ID and ticket ready to present to the luggage handlers and security officers. If you have a carryon bag, make sure you're ready to put it on the security conveyor belt. Having your see-through liquids bag in a convenient place so you can remove it easily is helpful.

3. Don't gripe. Most people don't enjoy standing in line, and complaining about it doesn't make the experience any better for you or the people around you.

4. Don't crowd others. Always give others some personal space when standing in line or anywhere else at the airport.

5. Pay attention. Be aware of everything going on around you at all times. This is not only important for etiquette purposes it is a safety measure as well. When the security officer says something, listen carefully, answer all questions, and follow instructions.

6. Never be insolent. Always respect airline and airport personnel. They have important jobs to do, and that shouldn't include having to deal with a disrespectful passenger. Sure, you might have heard about a TSA person doing something wrong, but that's not the norm. Most of them are doing the best job they can.

7. Stay close to your belongings. If you leave an item while going to the restroom or grabbing a cup of coffee, you're likely to have it confiscated by security.

8. Be polite at all times. Planes are often booked to maximum capacity, which means airports are typically crowded. There is no reason to speak to anyone in harsh tones or with foul language. Always use good manners when interacting other passengers and the people who are there to serve you. Polite words will make your trip much more pleasant than harsh ones.

9. Make your child behave. Before you leave the house, go over your expectations with your children. They need to be on their best behavior at all times when traveling by air,

10. Don't get personal. If you don't know everyone within listening distance – and chances are you don't – save personal chatter for another time. While most people are nice, law-abiding citizens, all it takes is one to mess up your life and everyone else's.

11.Be ready to board. Keep an eye on the clock so you're ready to go when called. If you have to use the restroom, do it early. Have your boarding pass out and ready to hand to the airline associate.

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