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Proper Etiquette at the ATM
Thursday, 17 August 2017 - 2:43 | Views - 2,752
Do you wonder what kind of transaction is taking so long for the person who has been standing at the ATM for a solid ten minutes? Or have you ever felt crowded at the ATM as someone stood too close behind you?

These are issues suffered by many who use the bank's money machine when they are in a hurry.

Here are some basic etiquette guidelines for using the ATM:

• Don't stand too close. When you approach an ATM that is currently being used, respect her personal space and stand a comfortable distance away – at least seven or eight feet away.

This provides enough distance while letting others know that you are next in line.

• Don't look over someone's shoulder. As you wait for the person ahead of you to finish her transaction, don't look at the ATM screen.

• Be ready. Before you approach the ATM, have your card in hand and all paperwork filled out.

This is especially important on busy days.

You don't want to keep others waiting while you dig around your handbag or pockets for your card and then have to fill out your deposit slip at banks that require them.

• Keep the number of your transactions to three or less. If you have a large number of transactions to conduct, consider going into the bank or only doing the most important ones and then going to the back of the line.

• Step away from the ATM immediately after you finish your transaction. You can reconcile your account in your car or at a nearby counter. Don't hang around the machine when there are people standing in line waiting.

• Respect security. If you are using an ATM in a location that has a secure kiosk that requires a card to enter, don't let the next person in with your card. The security system is in place for the safety of all the bank's customers.

• Use common courtesy at all times. Remember your basic etiquette rules and follow them before, during, and after an ATM transaction.
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