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Rude Things You Should Never Say - Think before you speak
Thursday, 01 June 2017 - 16:16 | Views - 1,002
Have you ever heard someone say something rude that had you wondering what they were thinking? Have you ever blurted a rude comment that made you wish you'd kept your mouth shut?

People say rude things all the time, but that doesn't make it okay. Learn to be a good conversationalist and avoid saying things that are snarky, nosy, gross, sarcastic, or downright mean.

If you have a tendency to stick your foot in your mouth and say the wrong thing or have bad timing with comments, make a concerted effort to change your behavior. Study a list of conversation starters before going to a party or have a friend nearby to give you a sign that you're heading into dangerous territory with your comments.

Remember that social etiquette includes what you say. You need to be careful what you say to others at home, in the office, at parties, and in school.

01. Have You Lost Weight?

When you ask someone if he or she has lost weight, you run the risk of insinuating the person was fat. Instead, say something like, "You look fabulous! I sure wish I had your secret." Doing this, you are giving the person an opportunity to mention a fabulous diet that helps take off the pounds and leaves the skin glowing.

02. Are You Not Feeling Well?

This is an insult, even if you say it out of concern because you're telling the person she doesn't look good. You would be better off asking a more generic, "How are you?" You can add something about how long it's been since you last saw her. She may tell you she had a tragedy in her family or she just got over the flu, and you'll get your answer without having to ask the question.

03. When is Your Baby Due?

When you ask this question, you risk being told that the person isn't pregnant. Then you're left with egg on your face because you just said you thought the person's midsection had grown. You're better off not even mentioning pregnancy. Simply ask how the person is doing, and if she's pregnant and wants to share her news, she will.

04. Are You Still Single?

Asking a single person this question gives the impression that you think something is wrong with not having a partner. If you feel that you need to know the person's relationship status, simply ask if he has been seeing anyone special lately.

05. How Old Are You?

Why do you care? Unless you are a medical person filling out a patient's file, it is rude to ask someone his age. If you have the urge to tell everyone how old you are, that is fine and may have others sharing their age with you.

06. I Paid a Fortune for That House or Car

Don't be one of "those" people who focus on the cost of big-ticket items. You'll sound like a snob if you come right out and tell people how much something cost. Besides, it really doesn't matter how much you paid, and you may cause the other person to feel inferior if theirs isn't as expensive.

07. My Boss Says I'm Her Favorite Employee

This is always bad form, but especially so when you are talking to a coworker whose relationship you value or need. Instead of saying something so boorish, you'd be better off praising your supervisor and mentioning something you like about your job.

08. I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead in That

This is an outright insult. If you are someone who would even think about saying something so rude, this article probably won't make a big difference in your behavior. However, if you are ready to learn proper etiquette, find something else to talk about.
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