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8 Tricks to Improve Your Lighting
Tuesday, 21 June 2022 - 23:22 | Views - 80

1. Get a Lighting Control App

Let's say you're watching TV on the couch and left an upstairs light on, or you're going on vacation and don't want the house to look vacant, or you want to turn on the living room lamps before you get home so you’re not walking into a dark house. With the help of today's easy-to-use smartphone and tablet apps, you can control your home's lighting, window treatments, temperature, and more. Many apps also have settings you can define, so with the touch of a button, your lights can be set to “dinner party” or “wake-up time.”

2. Swap Out the Lightbulb You Leave On the Longest

Consider changing out the bulbs in the light fixtures you use most often, such as in a kitchen or an entryway, for energy-efficient models. Energy Star-labeled bulbs can have a significant impact on your home's energy conservation: you can save $40-$135 in energy costs per bulb and cut energy use by about 75 percent and generate 75 percent less heat. Plus, in order to be labeled as an Energy Star bulb, the bulb must be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Find a New Ceiling Fan

When was the last time you updated your ceiling fan? If you don’t remember, now may be the time for an upgrade. Newer ceiling fan motors use much less energy and operate cooler to the touch than older motors. Many are also much quieter than older fans, and modern designs are available in all decor styles.

4. Fix Your Media Room Lighting

TV-focused spaces need less overhead light and more ambient and task lighting, such as lamps. This helps to reduce glare on screens. Good task lighting also means the overall room can be dim, but someone wishing to read can have ample lighting, thanks to a table lamp. Consider natural sources of light when planning a media room and install good light-controlling window treatments so a sunny day doesn’t dampen your entertainment pursuits with harsh rays.

5. Change the Oldest Lighting Fixture in Your Home

Lighting manufacturers have made it easier than ever to replace energy-hogging fixtures and bulbs with those that last longer and trim utility bills. When you're at your lighting showroom, simply look for products with the Energy Star label. Plus, old light fixtures can quickly date a space. Replacing old chandeliers and flush-mount lights with fresh models can take years off your home’s looks.

6. Pick a New Shade

Lampshades have more practical design power than they get credit for. Lighter-color versions can help diffuse light in a wider circle. A dark shade concentrates the light, focusing it on a surface. A new shade is also a chance for you to try out a punch of color and pattern before you redo a whole room.

7. Replace a Light Switch

Newer bulbs respond better to newer switches. With wireless options (usually operated with wireless remotes), you can control light from around the room or elsewhere in the house. Being able to control lighting with a remote is a smart solution if you’re looking for how to improve lighting in a bedroom. Once you’re cozy in bed, you don’t even need to get up to turn off or adjust the lights.

8. Check the Height of Your Dining Room Chandelier

What's the secret to a beautiful dining room? An eye-catching chandelier, of course. To make your space really shine, keep this lighting tip and rule of thumb in mind: in general, the bottom of a chandelier should be about 30 inches from the top of your table.

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