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Make The Right Choice Of Toys For Your Dog II
Thursday, 24 October 2019 - 15:19 | Views - 232

As Were Discribed In The Last Article Dog's Need To Be Active & They Love To Intoract With People While They Also Need To Be Kept Engrossed With Something. Carefully Selected Toys Keep Them On The Go. Here Are A Few More Toys You May Be Able To Select

Plush Toys

Many dogs adore plush toys. They will carry them around like babies or tear them apart like prey. Stuffed dog toys usually contain squeakers and some kind of stuffing. Dogs often rip into them and stuffing goes everywhere. Many dogs seem to be trying to "kill" their "prey" by destroying the squeaker. After the toy is "dead" they still sometimes carry them around and shake them.

Supervise your dog when playing with plush toys to keep her from swallowing stuffing or squeakers, which can lead to GI obstruction. These are basically the outside of stuffed toys with squeakers but no stuffing. Plush toys will not last long with aggressive chewers, but can still be plenty of fun (with you keeping an eye). Some companies make extra tough plush toys for longer-lasting chew time, such as Kong Ballistic.

Squeakies (non-plush)

Non-plush squeaky toys come in many shapes and sizes. Typically, they are made out of vinyl, rubber, or plastic. Durability varies, so choose wisely according to your dog's chewing habits. In general, thick rubber is best for aggressive chewers. Thinner vinyl or plastic toys are better for mild chewers or if you will be supervising play at all times. The benefit of thinner squeaky toys is that they are often very inexpensive. The downside is that they are not so durable

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