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Stunning Foggy Petronas FP1 to be auctioned next month
Thursday, 31 January 2019 - 15:18 | Views - 155

Warwickshire-based Silverstone Auctions will be selling a Foggy Petronas FP1 superbike next month, when it goes under the hammer at the Race Retro show at Stoneleigh Park.

Just one of 150 road bikes ever produced, this bike is fresh out of storage and has done just 7km from new. It’s also recently been serviced and given fresh fluids and a battery safety check.


The 2003 machine has been given a guide price of between £30,000 and £35,000 and is ready for road use (should you want to ride it) after it is sold on February 23.

What’s more, the bodywork has also been restored and the Petronas livery re-applied by the manufacturer of the original machines. A combination of quality components, futuristic design and striking paint means the FP1 still looks great today.

In the description of the sale, the sellers went on to say: "The electronic dash is fully functional, the bike starts and runs cleanly and holds good oil pressure.  

"This is a very attractive, well-engineered superbike from a bunch of rather optimistic enthusiasts and all the better for it. It's rather unlikely that you will see another one and it comes complete with Type Approval documentation and NOVA (Notification of Vehicle Arrival)."

The bike will be assigned an auction lot number a week from today and those wanting more information should visit

Riding the Foggy Petronas

Back in 2006, MCN’s Sports Editor, Michael Guy, became the only Journalist to have ridden the FP1 World Superbike. He was then given the chance to ride one of two production machines available in Europe at that time on the road in 2012 in Switzerland.

Speaking in his original road test, the then WSB Reporter said: "Although the race team had engine braking issues, the road-going FP1 is stunning on the run into corners. The lower power triple and superb slipper clutch make it feel more two-stroke than big capacity four-stroke.

"The lack of engine braking is so acute that it takes time to adjust, necessitating the use of back brake into the turn to help get the bike balanced. 

"The chassis feels rigid, but there is still plenty of feel from the plush Öhlins suspension even though it’s cold – less than four degrees."

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