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Why your Kids dress the way they do!
Friday, 10 July 2020 - 6:28 | Views - 40

Their purchasing choices — fueled by influencer culture and catered to by a new wave of ultra-fast-fashion retailers such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided (responsible for a £1 bikini that sold out in Britain) — are as much about how an outfit will look on social media as in the real world.

Mia Grantham is a 16-year-old British high school student studying for her A-levels. She lives with her father and her younger sister, Annie, in Wilmslow, England, a town outside Manchester. Her bedroom is small but immaculately kept, with a bulb-lit dressing table and a pillow shaped like a speech bubble reading “You’ve Got This” on her bed. Here’s what she said the following questions.

Why only wear once?

Because I’ll normally be in photos when I’m wearing it that are then posted on social media. I wouldn’t really want someone seeing me in a dress more than once. People might think I didn’t have style if I wore the same thing over and over. Style is about changing for whatever the situation you are in and for different events.

When do clothes become old?

Well, things like leggings that you just wear in private around the house you can keep for years. Dresses, when you’ve worn them: twice.

Is price important?

Of course. If I’m only going to wear something once or twice, I’m going to want to buy the cheapest possible.





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