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Here's why it's time to shave off that beard!
Friday, 13 December 2019 - 13:28 | Views - 58

If your woman has been telling you to get rid of your hipster beard (a long and very full beard that you absolutely take pride in) because she's bored of it, but you are not budging because you love it, then you need to read this!

According to a survey conducted in United Kingdom, almost half of the women have confessed to the fact that they would refuse to date a man because of his facial hair.

Yes, it's time to pick up that razor you have been resisting for long because women don't find that beard sexy anymore.

We don't even remember when we went from being a world full of clean-shaven men to one where you spot a bearded guy in every corner, but looks like the trend is set to change because the recent research conducted to find a possible link between attractiveness and the length of facial hair.

Another research conducted by a website recently, revealed that as many as 43 percent of women would not like to date a man who has a beard. The rest of the 61 percent said lack of facial hair simply didn’t bother them.

“It’s clear that people are spending lots of time and money following strict skincare and grooming regimes, even resorting to measures such as botox and laser hair removal,” The Independent quoted Julian Smith, managing director of the website that conducted the research, as saying.

“It’s important that people maintain their appearance for themselves rather than being hellbent on following the latest fad,” added Julian.

Another evidence of beard losing its popularity came when a leading male model from UK conducted a social experiment on Tinder and found out that he received most matches on the app when his Tinder picture showed him as clean-shaven.

Well, guess that's enough bad news for the day for all the men who boast about their beards, but hey, if you still don't want to part ways with your beloved beard, here's a reason - Studies have shown that growing a beard is beneficial for men. It blocks 95 percent of UV rays protecting them from cancer. It prevent wrinkles and acne too. Besides, a beard is a best alternative to keep oneself away from allergies. Researchers have shown that beard filters air that one breathes and prevents germs from entering the respiratory system.

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