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Your Holiday Fashion Tips
Wednesday, 04 December 2019 - 17:03 | Views - 53

Christmas means multiple opportunities to be social. There are a huge variety of events that happen around the holidays, and they each present a unique set of fashion challenges. What you wear to your office party is not the same as what to wear for Christmas galas. Your Christmas fashion at a bash with friends is not what you might wear to your holiday dinner with the in-laws. To help you figure out what to wear for Christmas, here are some do’s and don’ts for holiday success.

Even though it is a party, it is still part of work and these are people you will be seeing in the office long after the event concludes. Maintain a professional appearance while showing a bit of your personality. You can relax your attire, but not too much. Do not wear tight-fitting clothing or show too much skin. Sheer cutouts on your stomach are not a good idea for the office party. Laced dresses are both feminine and professional. The high neckline is perfect for office parties, as is the length. The black-burgundy color is an excellent choice for Christmas fashion.

While many families keep it casual during the holidays, do not be tempted to be too casual at the family holiday party. For starters, you never know which unexpected guests may show up. Someone might bring an unexpected guest, or older relatives you were not expecting to see may decide to stop in to say hello. In addition, lots of pictures will be taken, so you want to look put together and not slouchy.

So, the question is what to wear for Christmas? You can pair luxe fabrics with plain accents to create a subdued yet fashionable look. Avoid going crazy with sequins. A few are OK, but you do not need to sparkle more than the Christmas tree. Be comfortable in pants, but leave the jeans at home. Opt for stylish slacks or streetwear inspired pants. These floral and bird straight leg pants from Monclergive you both the comfort and the style you want at a family holiday party. The elasticized waist means you can eat as much as you want at Christmas dinner while staying comfortable and looking great. The beautiful print is fun and party-worthy.

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