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Men's Leather Jackets
Tuesday, 03 December 2019 - 17:15 | Views - 47

Originally the mark of silver screen rebels, bike gang hellraisers and rock stars, over the past half-century the men's leather jacket has graduated from a sartorial move designed to shock polite society to a men's wardrobe staple. That said, the fact that these days a leather jacket is almost as versatile as your tailored blue blazer doesn't make it any less subversive - or, frankly, cool. Show me a man who doesn't feel instantly sexier and more confident in one, and I'll show you a liar.

However, that feeling is about to get a whole lot more pronounced. This season, the leather jacket collides with the current Seventies trend juggernauting its way through the menswear scene. The main way you'll see this manifested isn't through cut or colour, but rather in material. Shearling, the disco decade's favourite furry fabric, is appearing on the cuffs, hems and linings of leather jackets across the board. Sometimes you'll also find it in panels on the chest, but most notably, you'll see it appear at neck level in ballsy, super-soft collars.

And while elsewhere in menswear, the Seventies is being felt in bright colours and eye-popping patterns, with leather jackets it's a bit different. Most of the varieties you'll find out there for winter are black, with the shearling incorporated in a co-ordinating shade. Not only does this help keep the item on the darker, sexier side, but it also makes it the perfect foil for those other Seventies pieces you'll be wearing it with this party season. Our suggestion? Throw one on over that chest-flashing silk shirt, you rebel.


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