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The Best Socks to Wear with Every Brown Shoe You Own
Friday, 15 March 2019 - 10:30 | Views - 19

One of the easiest ways to inject new life into your most-loved shoes is to add a jolt of color to your ankles. And when it comes to brown shoes, no color does the job better than blue. To be specific, the   most-used menswear blue, which has been called cobalt, Yves Klein blue, turquoise, cornflower blue, and royal blue, among many others. Any shade works like jumper cable for rich brown hues and the one way to bring your go-to wardrobe essentials into Spring. So swap your go-to gray socks for a pair in bold blue and pair them with every caramel, cinnamon, or coffee colored shoes. Whether you're in a suit, a pair of jeans, or your best pair of chinos, blue socks and brown shoes will win you major style points. Here are the best out there right now, and which shoes to pair each with.

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