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Thursday, 07 February 2019 - 14:50 | Views - 50

Working out the recommended three times a week isn't as hard as it sounds, right?

Except, well, it is. Especially when it currently feels like you've completed a marathon just getting out of bed.

Still, exercise is a Good Thing. Even running half a mile can make you feel a million times better and those endorphins really do kick in (eventually).

And if you hate the gym, you're in luck. There's a whole world of trendy high-intensity workouts, from yoga wheeling to protein-induced climbs that you can do without even leaving your home.

We've rounded up the workout crazes you can look forward to sweating your way through next year. You're welcome!

lThe treadmill is making a comeback

For the last couple of year, all things extra have reigned in the fitness world. HIIT classes in a 45-degree heat? Sure. Ballerina plie squats? Been there, done that. 

But we've got news for you: the humble treadmill is back. ClassPass saw an 82% increase in classes that incorporated treadmills in 2018 compared to the year before.

They've been a part of the studio landscape for a while, mainly as part of an ensemble cast of equipment at Barry’s Bootcamp, for example. But more recently they’ve started acting as headliners in their own right, with treadmill-centric studios popping up all over the shop.

Peloton's treadmill, which offers virtual running 'classes' is only increasing in popularity, plus Equinox also still offers Precision Running programmes. Also, workout apps like Aaptiv offer audio coaching during your runs, to help you hone your form and speed.

lPrepare to shake up your HIIT class

Plenty of fitness studios are creating HIIT hybrid classes—like CorePower Yoga, a Colorado-born studio chain that took the reins on yoga-HIIT classes.

Life Time Fitness just launched a HIIT yoga class called Fire Yoga, too. There's also F45, the Aussie phenomenon taking the UK by storm. It bridges the gap between one-on-one personal training sessions and fitness classes with its high-intensity circuits. Every F45 studio in the world runs the exact same 45-minute class each day, which alternate between HIIT-style cardio, strength training, or a no-nonsense hybrid mixture of the two.


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