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Presentation Etiquette
Thursday, 17 August 2017 - 2:41 | Views - 836
Presentation etiquette should always be followed, regardless of whether your presentation is for school, the office, a social group or even a family meeting. If whatever message you are trying to get across is important enough for you to put a presentation together, then it is

important enough for you to put your best foot forward with your communication skills. Proper presentation etiquette means:

* You dress the part. No one is going to take you seriously if you are dressed like a slob (and this includes a family meeting on discussing the new chores roster).

* You don’t chew gum. It is distracting and unattractive.

* You start and finish on time.

* You know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Being confident will get your message across so much better than a presentation filled with “um”s and “hold on” and, “Oh! Forgot about that!”

* You speak clearly and audibly. This presentation etiquette tip is vital: your audience will tune out, otherwise.

* If you are using a slideshow to communicate your message, you don’t read the screen to your audience. They (hopefully) know how to read. Proper presentation etiquette means you keep your audience engaged by using your slides as key points and building off of them in your speech.

* You don’t fill your slideshow with useless graphs and diagrams. They need to portray something meaningful or they should be on the cutting room floor.

* You are prepared in case something goes wrong. Presentation etiquette means that even if you lose the zip drive your slideshow was stored on, you have a hardcopy back up you can photocopy and distribute.

* At the conclusion of your presentation, you allow time for Q & A. This presentation etiquette will not only will this help clear up any miscommunications, but, may also bring to light something you had not previously considered, as well as encourage audience participation.
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