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Easy Ideas to Declutter Your House
Monday, 26 February 2018 - 12:24 | Views - 339

Stash Your Stuff: Baskets and Bins

We love baskets and bins for: Gardening tools, throw blankets, hair accessories, remotes, trial-size toiletries, books on your to-read list

Hang Your Stuff: Pockets

We love pockets for: Crafts supplies, toys, makeup, packaged snacks, laundry supplies, coupons, takeout menus, decks of cards

Hang Your Stuff: Hooks

Hang your dog leashes, keys, grocery tote bags, umbrellas, headphones, backpacks or jewelry on a hook that fits the style of your home.

Hooks allow for easy access storage and can also add a small decorative touch to a room.

Hide Your Stuff: Boxes

Boxes can declutter a home and add a decorative element.

Box containers are perfect for when you want to completely conceal what you're storing, creating an even more polished look.

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