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6 Favorite Front Door Colors
Monday, 26 February 2018 - 12:16 | Views - 232

Contemporary Cool

Cool non-traditional choices for a front door are lime and turquoise

Teal Appeal

Teal is a popular choice indoors and out, starting with the front door.

The peppy palette is a smart alternative for a homeowner who is tired of a black or taupe door

Better Red

A red front door is a vibrant choice, whether the home has a stucco or brick front.

Classic White and Brick

A white door pops against gray and red brick in a historic Atlanta neighborhood.

Brick homes can use a front door color other than red


Darken Your Door

If the house has a red brick exterior, a dark door works best

Shingled Cottage with Slate Porch

A home without shutters gives you more flexibility when selecting a front door color.

Choosing a blue-based color can be an alternative to dark green, taupe or black

Down With Brown

A rich brown door with decorative details can present a nice contrast to a white wood exterior and fit with the home's historic look.

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