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How to Arrange Art at Home
Thursday, 17 August 2017 - 3:00 | Views - 594
Above the Sofa

The center of the image should be at eye level. In living rooms, people are usually sitting, so artwork should be lower. A good way to ensure you're placing artwork at the right height is to hang it one hand width above the sofa.

In Scale

A common problem when hanging artwork above a sofa or sideboard is that it's not in scale. Having pieces that are too small or too large will make the whole arrangement look strange. Make sure artwork is at least two-thirds the size of the sofa or sideboard,For example, a 9-foot-long sofa should have a 6-foot-wide expanse of art above it.

Add Visual Balance

When you hang multiple pieces in a group, visual balance is very important. In a group arrangement, keep heavy pieces to the bottom and left,It balances the weight of the items because the eye starts on the left. If you have an even arrangement, put the heaviest piece in the middle.

The Perfect Arrangement

Save yourself the frustration -- and your walls the trauma -- of hanging, and rehanging, and rehanging a grouping of art. Instead, trace each piece on kraft paper, label the tracing, and cut it out. If you're hanging portraits, draw arrows on the paper to indicate which way the subject is looking. Use painter's tape to try out placements and arrangements without covering your wall with holes.

In the Bedroom

In the bedroom, choose personal art, such as family photographs or your own photography. If you're arranging the pieces in groupings, sticking with one color theme, either all black-and-white or all color photographs.

Prop It Up

While blank walls are a natural choice for displaying artwork, there is another option. Prop artwork against a wall or piece of furniture for a casual display.

Find the Middle

When creating a grouping, choose an odd number of items. With odd numbers, there's a middle and a mirror image on both sides.

On the Grid
A symmetrical arrangement creates a striking and simple focal point. All-white frames and mats unify this grouping.

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