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7 Color Trends to Watch for in 2017
Thursday, 29 June 2017 - 11:17 | Views - 653
2017 is a Mixed-Bag of Color Trends

There are some years when most of the color and decor trends line up in agreement for an easy to follow path for decorating. 2017 is not one of those years with a clear message about what's to come in color and design. The good news is that this means you have a lot of new trends to try out, and there are a lot of creative ways to use new colors and decorating ideas.

When you study the decorating and color trends, it can give you an idea of what will be hot for the next year, but that doesn't mean that you have to redecorate your entire home or repaint all of your walls. The best way to use color trends is to see what you have that already works with the new colors and find ways to add little decorative accents to bring your space up-to-date. With all of the new ideas in 2017, you're bound to find something that works perfectly in your home.

Trend #1 Brushed Brass

There was an attempt in the past few years to bring back shiny brass accents. Homeowners are still trying to replace the dated 1990's brass fixtures so that trend didn't really land well with designers and homeowners. The new brass is brushed with a lustrous finish that works with most of the new decorating surfaces available. There are a few basic do's and don'ts of decorating with metallics and metals in your home, but just know that mixing metals with fixtures and lighting is totally okay, and the new brushed brass fixtures work great with oil rubbed bronze or black fixtures.

Trend #2 Dark Grout on White Tiles

Subway tiles continue to be popular, especially with white or light neutral grout lines. The new trend is to use dark grout on light tiles. The contrast of the darker grout with light tile is a more vintage and casual look for your bathroom. For decorating a bathroom with a luxurious style, light grout on light tile and dark grout on dark tile, is still the most popular choice.

Trend #3 Dark Colors in Small Rooms.

Decorating rooms of any size in dark colors is getting even more popular than before. In 2017, dark wall color gets a boost from paint retailers including . Shadow is a deep and rich amethyst color that works well in small spaces like a foyer or powder room. For more adventurous decorators, Benjamin Moore's Shadow can be perfect for a dining room to create a luxurious entertaining space.
The trend toward darker paint colors and furnishings reflects a maturing of the home decorator's style. Neutral colors are still very important in 2017, but gray and greige are now the most popular choice. Any room can handle a rich paint color if you choose the color carefully, sample your color thoroughly, and make sure you have the perfect mix of lighting for your space. Deep burgundy, purple, and charcoal gray are popular color trends for 2017. The difference for 2017 is that the dark colors are paired with brights like yellow, teal, and grass green. The new dark colors for 2017 are not stuffy or traditional, but are more playful and adventurous, especially with bright accent colors and metallics.

Trend #4 Trim Gets Colorful

White trim and molding have been the most common choice in homes for several years, especially with the popular style of large millwork and crown molding.

In 2017, trim color choice is totally up to you, and designers are experimenting with new ways to use trim at home with dark colors or color that matches wall color. If you choose to try the trend of matching wall and trim color, your trim paint should be a slightly glossier formula for durability and to give it a little bit of distinction. Matching your trim and wall paint is an excellent option for a room with low ceilings to give the appearance of taller walls.

Dark trim can be a big change that should be tried out virtually with one of the awesome paint color apps available now. Most paint color apps allow you to upload your room photo and "paint" your wall and trim colors to try out the look before committing to it.

Trend #5 Green Gets a Makeover

Ever since Pantone proclaimed Emerald as the Color of the Year in 2013, green hasn't really been given much attention.
Mint green has been popular for cottage and beach-inspired homes, but there hasn't been a wave of popularity for green in several years. This is changing in 2017. The new green is fresh but not pale or minty. Look for natural greens that are not muted, but not bright. A natural green that is paired with black and white. This is also a big trend for 2017, pairing natural green with black and white accents. With green as the backdrop, you can use black and white tile, fixtures, and decor, to create a classic look in your space. The green/black/white color scheme has a comfortable 1930s vibe, but it's made more modern with the right accessories. but it can be pretty challenging.

Trend #6 Soothing Global Colors

2017 color trends have a strong global influence from their saturated Global Canvas palette to their energized Unbounded palette. The new global colors are still energetic, but there is a slightly muted quality in 2017 that makes them more soothing in your home. The new muting of global colors means that they pair beautifully with neutral colors to make decorating with them easier. White trim and accents can be difficult to use with globally-inspired color palettes, but the softer colors of 2017 can pair well with off-white and pale gray. The secret is to identify the undertone of your wall paint colors so that you can choose the right white accents. Almost every white paint or fabric has an undertone, and knowing which one can help you create a gorgeous color scheme.
The 2017 Holistic palette from a soft and relaxing with a zen quality that can be considering a neutral option for a global color palette. Anchored by a rich dark brown color like Sherwin-Williams Deep Forest Brown, the relaxing Holistic palette can create a beautiful balance in your space.

Trend #7 Purple Colors go Mainstream

The color of the year announcements every year can bring big surprises. The appearance of purple and violet on a few 2017 trend lists is unexpected.

The new purple colors give you an alternative to the popular teal and aqua that have dominated the top accent colors in the past. Using purple and violet is not as difficult as it would first appear. The secret is to find the right purple for your space, then pair it with the right accent colors. Purple has its own undertones and can have a blue or red color beneath it that can make help you match it with neutral colors for a soothing space.

2017 Color of the Year, Violet Verbena is a gorgeous and soothing purple paint color that is muted enough to consider for bedroom walls, or as an accent color in any room of your home. your home's color palette will be balanced and relaxed.
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