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Glowing Photo Luminaries
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 - 17:07 | Views - 4,767

Photo printer

Supplies / ingredients:

Blank sheets of vellum
Double sided tape
Round glass hurricanes, mason jars, etc.
Tea lights or battery powered candles


Print some of your favorite family photos onto vellum. You might have to experiment with your own printer to make sure it can print onto vellum, but most inkjet printers should work. Horizontal photos will work best since you’ll need the width to wrap around your luminary.

Next you’ll need some glass jars or vases. Glass mason jars, flower vases, and hurricanes work great. Try however, to avoid irregular shapes. Squares will work, but the very best is smooth cylindrical shaped glass.

Trim your photos to the proper height of your glass.

And then apply a piece of double-sided tape.

Simply attach your photo to the tape. For larger containers, you’ll need more than one photo to cover all of the sides. Just have them meet right up in the middle of the tape for a seamless look.

These little luminaries look beautiful in broad daylight. Set on a windowsill, the light pours through them and naturally makes them glow!

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