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Friday, 10 February 2017 - 19:27 | Views - 847
1. Be savvy with storage

when it comes to small spaces, smart storage is key.

Etc. Installing sure you're being creative with storage space

2. Play with shapes

It would be great if we could all fit a ten-seater dining table into our homes, but that not a reality for most of us.

The home above didn't have a large space for a rectangular table, so the homeowners opted for a circular Saarinen table instead.

The shape fits perfectly in the space and can still seat up to six guests.

3. Let the eye travel

Glass, acrylic and Lucite should all become your best friends when decorating for a small space.

Not only do they fit with a variety of styles, but they let the eye travel through their clear and reflective surfaces.

4. Create multi-functional spaces

When space is tight, it's important to create areas that are multifunctional.

The finished basement above has a couch that can be used to watch TV, or to house guests, thanks to the pull-out bed inside.

5. Play with reflections

A mirrored wall is a great way to open up a small space.

The reflective surface creates an optical illusion of having double the space than is actually there.
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