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How to Choose the Right Paint Color For Your Bedroom
Thursday, 01 September 2016 - 11:32 | Views - 672
When selecting paint colors for bedrooms, the first thing to consider is temperature.

While warm colors advance toward the eye and appear more active, creating a stimulating effect, cool colors the hues from blue green through blue violet, most grays included tend to recede, producing a more calming and relaxing effect.

That said, there's a lot of variation on the cool color spectrum; a bright green and a pale blue can create spaces with drastically different vibes. If cool colors aren't your cup of tea, warm hues that are light and subtle, such as soft yellows or pinks, can also feel soothing.

We turned to a few of our favorite interior designers to hear how they go about selecting paint colors for bedrooms.

Read on to get inspired and shop a few chic paint choices

For a sexy or romantic bedroom, I like to stick with dark colors like olive, deep violet, navy (like Rich Navy from Glidden), or charcoal (like Cyberspace from Sherwin-Williams).

For clients interested in calm, tranquil bedrooms, I'm quick to suggest a blue-gray, like Krypton from Sherwin-Williams, celery tones, or a layering of white paint with all white furniture and linens.

Overall, since bedrooms are meant for relaxation, I try to stay away from high-energy colors like bright greens, deep reds, or bold, tropical hues.
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