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Kitchen Design Ideas
Wednesday, 10 August 2016 - 16:40 | Views - 561

Matching Rugs

Fill the floor space around the island with cozy carpets that are easy on the feet and the eye.

A pair of jute carpets tie this beachy kitchen in with the rest of the

Multitasking Table

Put your small space to work as both a kitchen and a dining room.

Tuck stools under an island that can handle prep work and dinner parties.

The owners of this tiny Brooklyn homeadded iron legs to a slab of butcher block for a versatile surface.

Cohesive Finishes

Carry over your design choices into the adjoining spaces.

In a family-friendly bungalow, brass drawer pulls echo the breakfast nook's pendant light, pulling everything togethe

Tiered Shelving

For a fast decor change, install bracketed shelves in a former dead space.

They're less bulky than cabinets but they'll provide extra storage for your cutest glassware.
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