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8 easy ways to instantly update your balcony into a chic outdoor living space
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 - 12:24 | Views - 673
1 Think of your balcony as an extension of your living room and put just as much effort into its design.

Focus on hues that coordinate with your home’s interior.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and colour.

Small spaces like balconies afford you the opportunity to jump outside your comfort zone.

A predominantly pink and mint green palette lends this balcony (above) a fresh look, while the mix ofgraphic patterns seen in the cushions and rug boosts its visual appeal.

The bold rug also conceals the concrete floor underneath.

4 Maximize function by devising different zones (like a sitting nook and a bar area).

5 Incorporate greenery to create a lush look.

To make the most of the summer months, decorator Tim Lam included a row of planters bursting with vibrant yellow and blue blooms (above).

The showy containers help create privacy and distract from the view of neighbouring buildings.

6 Disguise a drab concrete floor with anything from outdoor floor tiles to a statement rug.

7 Hang string lights from the ceiling for a cozier vibe that creates an ethereal effect at night.

8 Include an ornate screen to add privacy and introduce an interesting focal point.

Decorative indoor screen tames this balcony’s bossy brick wall (above), while warm wooden elements like the outdoor floor tiles and chair legs complement the wall’s deep red hue.

Tropical accents, from the toss cushions to the string lights, introduce a playful night-market vibe.
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