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6 Genius Hacks for Magnetic Strips
Friday, 24 April 2020 - 6:29 | Views - 106

Move over, bulky magnet boards. You've probably seen magnetic strips used as a rack for kitchen knives. But these hardworking bars can add in-sight storage for a variety of other household objects, too. Magnet strips are also sleek and minimalistic, so they blend in with nearly any decor. We've rounded up six clever ways to use them in almost every room of the house. Even if the object you want to hang isn't metal, you can always glue or tape a magnetic dot to the back of it and voila! It's ready to display.

In the Bathroom

Having to hunt down an elusive beauty tool when you're trying to get ready is no fun. That's where a magnetic strip can help. Install one on the inside door of a cabinet for a discreet way to store hair clips, nail clippers, eyelash curlers, tweezers, and other beauty accessories.

In the Craft Room

Do you have a crafting area for your kids or yourself? Corral craft materials—markers, paintbrushes, pencils—in metal tins (We used old tea containers!) and stick them to a magnetic strip. It'll keep all those stray supplies off your desk and free up more space to work on projects.

In the Kitchen

Use a magnetic strip to stash spices in tins in reach of the prep area. Use tins with clear fronts or label the outside of the tins to see what you have at a glance. Don't be afraid to hang the strip vertically or horizontally to better suit your kitchen layout.

At the Front Door

Front door drop zones can quickly become a messy mishmash of keys and mail. Keep important keys and lanyards handy near the door with a line of magnetic hooks. Designate a spot for each family member to avoid confusion. Depending on the strength of your hooks, you may also be able to use the strip to hang small purses or light jackets.

In the Garage

Never lose a drill bit, nails, or screws again! Install a magnetic bar above your work bench with bits lined up in size order for instant access to the right tool for the job.

Anywhere in the House

Use a magnetic strip as a place to showcase artwork, family photos, postcards, and more with decorative magnets. You can also hang multiple rows of bars for a larger display. As a bonus, this setup works as a built-in card display when a birthday or the holidays roll around.


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