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DIY Front Door Ideas
Thursday, 05 March 2020 - 15:45 | Views - 114

Roll out the welcome mat! With a few DIY updates, these front doors emerge from the shadows and become the best-looking entryways on the block.

Cool Contemporary

Traditional without being stuffy, the setting teams a high-style door with elegant surroundings. Dark bronze and copper accents tie together the Craftsman lockset, modern steampunk sconce, sleek 1930s mailbox, and romantic planters. Use florals on the bench pillow and doormat to soften the entry's many angles.

All the Right Angles

Draw eyes to the front door by decorating the surface with varying lengths of 3/4-inch screen molding. This lockset's clean lines and simple shape make it the ultimate accessory for this right-angle graphic-design door. 


Handsome house numbers become knockouts when mounted to a piece of medium-density fiberboard painted to match the door.

Midcentury Mod

Transform a stoic entryway into a spunky greeter with midcentury modern style. A punchy orange door surrounded by retro accents, such as a starburst doorknob, polka-dot doormat, and red mailbox, speak to the modern sensibility.

True to Form

When updating an entrance, consider a new door with windows to enhance your exterior. Angled windows in the door give an instant nod to this home's era.

Concrete Appeal

Easy-to-read house numbers are a must, and these custom-cast concrete ones give a cool, industrial vibe to the front door.

Tip: Choose house numbers that are at least 4-6 inches tall so they can be seen from the street.


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