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5 Easy Tips for Clearing Clutter and Getting More Organized
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 - 17:00 | Views - 57

Getting reading for holiday guests? If you’re cleaning house and getting your home more organized for the holidays, here are some easy tips to help you out on any budget.

Use Old Jewelry Boxes for Drawer Organizers

Those little jewelry boxes you get around your birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other occasions are often put aside until you get sick of them and toss them in the trash. Instead of letting them go to waste, though, try using them as drawer organizers. You can clip or glue them together and place them in an office drawer for pens, pencils, paper clips, and other odds and ends, or in a junk drawer to divide up miscellaneous objects.

Shower Curtain Hooks for Closet Organization

Place shower curtain hooks on a closet bar and hang your purses or beach bags on them. This gets all of your purses, clutches, and bags up to eye level and takes them off the floor, leaving a clutter free closet floor for other items.

Use a Tissue Box, Paper Towel Holder and Comforter Bag to Organize Your Gift-Giving Messes

If you like to save bags, boxes, and tissue paper form all the various times you receive gifts, get ready to organize them in a way you probably never thought about before. Fold the bags and place them inside an old plastic comforter bag. You know, the large bag you saved because you knew one day it’s be great for something? Well, here’s a fantastic use for it!

If you have tissue paper, stuff it into an old tissue box for easy storage and dispensing. You can even do this with old plastic bags you may need to save for garbage sacks.

If you have spools of ribbon, place them on an inexpensive paper towel holder, larger spools on bottom, and use that to keep your ribbon out of the way and organized.

Create a Binder for Bills

Did you ever use a binder to organize your classes for school? You can do the same thing with your bills. Get dividers with pockets, loose leaf paper, and plastic protectors and insert it all into a binder. The dividers should be labeled “Need to Pay,” “Need to Call About,” and “Paid.” This will keep bills where you can find them and off your table in a cluttered mess. Use loose leaf papers to jot down any notes and protectors to store receipts of bills paid. You can even put your monthly budget, to-do list, and grocery list in the binder.

Use a Dish-Drying Rack to Organize Kid Things

Keep art supplies neatly put away in an inexpensive dish-drying rack. You can pick one up for around $4 at the Dollar Store. Simply stack coloring books, large art supplies, construction paper, and poster paper between the prongs where you’d put dishes. Store markers, crayons, and pencils in the utensil caddie section. You can slide this under a bed, in a closet, or under a sink for easy storage that’s out of the way. Plus, it’s an easy system for kids to be able to store their own supplies.

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