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Declutter Your Kitchen
Friday, 24 January 2020 - 18:54 | Views - 121

Ditch Extra Dishes

They might be pretty, but unless you use them regularly, a second (or third) set of dishes can be a big source of kitchen clutter. Instead, figure out what you really use, keep enough for when you host gatherings, and donate the rest. Also, declutter regularly by getting rid of chipped or broken pieces.

Make Room for Narrow Storage

Nooks and crannies are kitchen-decluttering assets: They're perfect for a single depth of containers or dishware, which makes it less of a chore to find and organize items. Look for spots where you can easily carve out 6 or so inches -- by a mudroom door, for example. To give the space a design boost, paint the back wall a complementary color, and skip doors in favor of well-chosen items and pretty containers. 

Clear Off Countertops

Lots of stuff on your kitchen countertops equals lots of kitchen clutter. Make it a habit to clear and organize those surfaces at least once a day. Stash unnecessary pieces in cabinets, and corral loose bits and pieces in pretty bowls or trays.

Declutter One Drawer at a Time

The old saying that Rome wasn't built in a day certainly applies to kitchen decluttering: You don't have to tackle the whole room at once. One drawer, one cabinet, one shelf can make a big difference. A good place to start is the junk drawer: It's a source of daily necessities and never-ending frustration. To declutter it once and for all, outfit the space with a variety of clear organizing bins, and add a label to the bottom of each so household members know what goes where

Create a Communications Center

Lots of the clutter that accumulates in a kitchen happens because of daily life: keys, schedules, paperwork, and more typically land somewhere inside the home's most-used door, which is often in the kitchen. To store and organize those items, create a family communications center. It may be as simple as a reminder of what's for dinner this week, or as complex as a weekly schedule with key rings, smartphone plugs, and more. Keep it in a central spot so decluttering the kitchen becomes part of the daily routine.

Hang Pots and Pans

Many big cooking pieces, such as pots and pans, aren't used with daily frequency. But still, they're good to have when the need arises. A good storage solution that can help declutter a drawer is to install a hanging rod -- here, a simple length of pipe. If you don't have room to suspend it over an island or sink, consider a near-the-ceiling spot in an open kitchen eating space -- here, in a seating nook adjacent to the kitchen.

Evaluate Your Appliances

Be honest: When's the last time you used that fancy mixer, or food processor, or juicer? Those pieces can quickly gobble precious counter and cabinet space, even as they gather dust. It's time to declutter: If you haven't used an appliance in a year, find it a new home. If you use it several times a year, find a spot other than the countertop to store it.

Toss Container Odds and Ends

A cracked lid, a chipped container: The wear and tear on kitchen storage equals lots of unmatched pieces. At least twice a year, pull them all out of your cabinets, pairing lids with containers and throwing away anything that doesn't have a match or has seen better days. Replace, if necessary, with clear containers that have useable lids (think flip, snap, and pourable).

Add a Moveable Island

Sometimes the decluttering solution simply is more storage, especially if cabinets and counters are limited. In that case, think about options for a more flexible island -- one that you can scoot to different spots in the kitchen, or move to the dining room for an on-the-spot buffet station. Look for a piece that has a work surface and storage, and be thoughtful about how you organize it. Keep kitchen tools at the ready, for example, or pretty linens in baskets.


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