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Storage-Smart Headboards
Monday, 02 December 2019 - 15:19 | Views - 74

Tall Order

Create a storage statement with the help of ready-to-assemble closet components. This inexpensive headboard option features bookcases secured to each other and the wall. Trim at the top adds style, while a pop of yellow paint highlights the headboard.

Room for Two

Storage-savvy built-in twin beds offer plenty of room to tuck away bedside necessities. Here, the baseboard provides storage with stacked drawers and a shared surface, but the design could easily be replicated as a headboard.

Storage with Symmetry

Frame your bed with built-ins to create a cozy alcove. This stylish design adds storage to a small bedroom. Mirrored doors make the space seem larger, while sconces and accent wallpaper help to highlight the bed.

Why Your Bedroom Needs a Headboard

A headboard is the easiest way to add sophistication to an otherwise bland bedroom. Discover our top ways a headboard can transform your space.

Flea Market Chic

Create a budget-savvy bedroom storage solution with help from flea market castoffs. Flip old drawers on their side (literally) and position until you've found a headboard arrangement you love. Secure together with screws, paint, and add hinged doors where you want closed storage. Hang using a cleat, and stack with accessories.

Above and Beyond

Implement this built-in headboard and rest easy knowing everything is in its place. Floor-to-ceiling shelving flanks the bed for architectural interest and added function. For even more display space, extend shelves above the door and bed.

Picture Perfect

Install a photo ledge above your bed to let the creativity flow. The simple sill acts as a perch for framed art and small plants, plus it's more shallow than a shelf, so you'll avoid bumping your head in the morning.

Hidden Gem

This storage headboard offers untapped real estate behind two padded, lift-up panels. Bonus: The top is wide enough to act as a shelf, so you can display decorative items at arm's reach.

Modern Metal

Salvaged boards and scrap metal provide rustic patina to this handmade headboard. Utilize magnets and hooks to store items on the DIY headboard's vintage tin backdrop.

Elegant Appeal

Divide a room into zones with a freestanding headboard wall. Here, a mirrored wall with symmetrical storage towers conceals the entrance to a closet and bathroom. The bookcases allow room for personal items, reading materials, and bedside lighting.


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