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Home deco Projects - DIY with What You Have
Monday, 18 November 2019 - 17:11 | Views - 31

Leftover Paint

Put your brush-wielding skills to use with this quick DIY project. Terra-cotta pots are inexpensive and easy to pretty up with leftover crafts paints. Cover pots in on-trend metallics or pastels for a glam update that's effortlessly gorgeous.


Punch up too-white window treatments with fabric scraps. Cut out fabric triangles in various sizes and colors, then sew them in a free-flowing pattern that leads the eye up, up, and away.

Poster Board

Take an afternoon to add a creative focal point above your headboard. Poster board, a small mirror, and a hot glue gun are all you need for this simple sunburst mirror.

Picture Frame

Fashion a custom memo board from an old picture frame to liven up the space above your desk. To make this board, grab a hefty frame, some twine, and your hot-glue gun. Secure photos, postcards, or reminders with small clips.


Available in a multitude of widths, colors, and textures, ribbon is a versatile DIY staple that can embellish almost any home accent. In this living room, a plain lampshade goes from so-so to snazzy thanks to bright green ribbons.



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