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Bathroom Countertop Ideas
Friday, 08 November 2019 - 17:04 | Views - 173

Glossy Wood Countertops

Wood bathroom countertops flawlessly finish vanities crafted from vintage furniture or antique cabinetry. This wood countertop makes a style statement (and withstands splashes) due to its medium-tone stain and multiple coats of high-gloss polyurethane. Paired with distressed cabinetry, this vintage-style bathroom is a beautiful place to start your day. 

Concrete Bathroom Countertops

Natural concrete countertops make an interestingly imperfect statement that balances sleek furnishings. This mottled, slightly pitted concrete countertop supplies a fetching surface for a stained floating vanity, stainless-steel backsplash, and polished chrome faucets. This modern design is actually a double vanity, equip with two drawers, two faucets, and one connecting sink basin. 

Beige Marble Countertops

Marble introduces a sense of richness well-suited to an elegant bathroom remodel. Create a serene scene by choosing a marble countertop a shade lighter or darker than adjacent cabinetry. Although this cool marble countertop partners with the vanity and backsplash for a cohesive outlook, the countertop's extra-thick edge allows it to stand out as a distinctive detail. 

Brown Granite Countertops

Brown granite countertops, with creamy beiges and coffee-hued specks, prevents a furniture-like vanity from appearing heavy. The countertop material is dark enough to pop off white wainscoting, yet stays in sync with this bathroom's other surfaces, including rich wood flooring and grasscloth-covered upper walls. Clear containers and vases don't compete with the busy bathroom countertop surface. 

Limestone Bathroom Countertops

Polished limestone countertops set modern bathroom vanities aglow. They supply a luxurious look, a scintillating shine, and subtle patterns that complement nickel and chrome fixtures, weathered silvered finishes, and light-toned cabinets. Limestone is softer than granite and marble and may need sealing when used as a countertop in busy bathrooms. 

Glass Bathroom Countertops

Glass bathroom countertops amplify light and expand spatial perceptions—especially when paired with a see-through vanity and translucent vessel sink. This makes them a great option for small bathroom vanities. Surf colors and a raised installation give this glass configuration a pumped-up presence; exposed plumbing and a statuesque faucet contribute contemporary contours.

Black Marble Countertops

As timeless and classy as a tuxedo, black marble countertops shine when paired with white vanity cabinets. Opt for polished marble if you want a high-end look; honed or tumbled finishes work nicely in casual, country, and cottage bathrooms. Consider this bold choice for your next bathroom remodel. 

Corian Solid Surface

Nonporous, stain-resistant, and durable, Corian countertops are a solid surface material ideally suited to bathroom applications. Your choice of color is integrated throughout the material, which ensures durability. These dreamy cream countertops provide color and texture without detracting from the bathroom's quirky character. 

Green Marble Bathroom Countertops

Honed green marble creates bathroom countertops with an old-world outlook. Green marble countertops boast significant veins in various shades that work well with weathered patinas and antique accessories. Its deep tones complement metal accents, such as black wrought-iron sconces, copper chandeliers, and bronze faucets.

Travertine Bathroom Countertops

Travertine is a sedimentary rock generally formed by mineral spring deposits, which give the stone its characteristic pattern. Honed travertine countertops, like this rounded beauty, remain popular for their low-reflective qualities that play nicely with tiled accents and textured wall coverings.


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