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3 Must-Know Dusting Tricks
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 - 16:22 | Views - 171

Cut cleaning time and ensure a sparkling space with these clever cheats that keep dust under control.

Get more out of your weekly dusting routine with these must-know secrets. Our tips will help you dust more thoroughly and with greater attention to detail.

Before you begin, make sure you have all the proper tools for dusting. We recommend a dusting brush and vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment for general dusting purposes. But if you're cleaning any specific areas, such as a ceiling fan or slatted blinds, you may want additional tools.

1. Always Dust First

When cleaning a room, dusting should always be the first step. No matter how careful you are, gravity will pull dust down toward the floor, so save cleaning floors for after you dust. Plus, segregating tasks makes it easier to split up chores. On Sunday, for example, you might choose to dust your entire home. Then on Monday, clean all of the floors. Day-by-day activities help you stay on track with your cleaning schedule and avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Work Around the Room

To ensure no spot is left behind, start dusting at the doorway and work around the perimeter of the room. Choose to go either left to right or right to left. Starting in an obvious spot makes it easier to know what you've already done and what's still left to dust. This trick also can be applied to your entire home. Start in an obvious location, such as an entryway, then work your way around the house. 

3. Start at the Top

Once again, gravity is on your side. So it makes sense to dust the highest objects in your room first. Start with ceilings, tall bookcases, and cabinetry. Then work your way down to countertops and baseboards. Also tackle the dustiest items first. Pick out spots you might have missed on your last dusting trip. Or look for notoriously dusty offenders, such as ceiling fans and knickknacks.



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