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The Latest Throwback Furniture Trend is All About Curves
Thursday, 16 May 2019 - 15:45 | Views - 99

Goodbye straight lines and sharp edges. Curvy furniture is a feminine approach to modern style.

When it comes to design, everything comes full circle. But with the latest throwback trend to reemerge, full circle takes a more literal meaning.

Curvy furniture, reminiscent of designs found in the ‘50s, is back and bolder than ever. We’re seeing smooth, contoured edges in sofas, chairs, poufs, and more. Following the straight lines and modular furniture recently revived by the popularity of mid-century modern style, curves are a welcome trend. Keep reading for a few staple pieces you can get for your home to embrace the traditional style.

Tufted Loveseat

Tufted furniture never really went out of style, but it’s having a reemergence in popularity—especially in sofas and loveseats. This one- to two-seater is the perfect medium-sized addition to your living room or family room for a touch of elegance. The curved back rolls perfectly into a silhouette that’s both feminine and timeless.

Velvet Wingback Chair

You’ll feel like a queen in this tall. The soft curves subtly wrap around the seat so you feel cozy and snug. As with most curvy furniture, this chair is soft to the touch and rich in jewel tones.

Crescent Swivel Chair

These colorful, curvy seats from West Elm are cute and compact. The round back aligned with the circle seat feels like the chair is giving you a hug. Their swivel base makes them perfect extra seating for parties, helping guests easily spin between conversations.

Orb Bar Stools

It’s rare to come across a barstool with a unique shape—their compact size tends to limit creative design. However, these orb-shaped stools are an exception. With a small back for support, the cozy upholstered bar stools are perfect for pulling up to a kitchen island. Gold legs add a small touch of glam to the throwback shape and design.

Bardot Sofa

This sofa’s curves are all in the details. The structure of the sofa is composed of straight lines, but the tufts in the cushion lend a rounded feel. The combination is a mid-century modern designer’s dream.

Tufted Ottoman

If furniture curves really speak to your taste,. Five large tufts make up the top of the seat in a round, rolling design. The luxurious velvet fabric pairs perfectly with the gold base for a statement piece your guests will adore.


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