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Easy Ways to Make Over a Messy Vanity
Monday, 06 May 2019 - 16:25 | Views - 261

The large cavernous cabinet under the bathroom sink can easily become a cluttered mess, but these nine storage and organization solutions will have you clearing out your vanity in no time

Under-the-Sink Shelves

Who said the space under the sink has to be one large open cabinet? Adding shelves, to maximize storage area is key to creating organization in the bathroom vanity. Creating a tilt panel that is typically fixed to cover the sink bowl, is a genius idea to store even more, like a hair dryer and brushes. When you are tight on space, use every nook and cranny so everything has a home.

Door Storage

The inside of a door cabinet door is the perfect spot for introducing storage cubbies for small items like nail polish and nail files, small soap containers, and everyday essentials. Leave the large open cavity of the cabinet for towels and larger bath necessities.

Drawer Storage

Drawers in a bathroom can be a help. The most out of drawer space by using organizers that divide the drawer area into smaller compartments. For makeup, combs, and all the bathroom essentials, clear caddies are ideal for easy access.

Countertop Vanity Organization

Vanity organization doesn't just happen under the countertop. Many bathrooms have cabinet space above or in another spot of the room. To cut clutter, use baskets with decorative labels to not only keep your essentials in order but to also add color and create something pretty to focus on.

Shop at Home for Bins

Once a plan is in place and only the must-have essentials are left, shop your home for baskets and bins to use for organization before you head to the store. Plastic dollar store bins used are the perfect budget-friendly item to label and put to use.

Door Organization

An essential part to staying organized in the bathroom is to purge the unused, then to create small compartments for all the items you want to keep so they can all be seen and easily accessible. Following that, add labels so the question of where something goes is answered. Using inexpensive containers with adhesive strips, added labels to take the guesswork out of where things go -- such a smart solution to stay organized.

Add Height

With a large cabinet cavity, there is often unused space. Maximize storage by using the vertical area of the vanity. Freestanding shelves so items can be stacked, then labeled the bins using chalkboard-style tape. Now the essentials are easily accessible.

Roll-Out Storage

A storage component under the sink that rolls out maximizes the storage possibilities and allows you to see and access items easily. Add small puck lights in a cavernous cabinet to provide additional brightness, and use hooks with an adhesive back to hang items like a lightweight makeup bag.

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