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2019 Paint Color Forecast
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 - 16:31 | Views - 257


The paint manufacturers have spoken, and there's a trending shade for every style this year. Whether you love soft, pastel shades of blue, classic whites, or dark, moody colors like black and burgundy, let our roundup of popular paint colors inspire your next room renovation.

The paint manufacturers have released their 2019 color forecasts, and we couldn’t be more excited about their color predictions for the year to come! Neutrals take a warm spin this year, leaving cold shades of gray behind. Moody blue, brown, and burgundy paint colors are on the rise, as well as grounding shades of black. If you’re looking for the perfect paint color, you will find beautiful inspiration from these forecasted colors.


1. Moody Colors

"Moody" might not be what you want to hear when it comes to weather forecasts and the stock market, but when it comes to picking a paint color, the moodier the better! Rich, dark, and complex colors like chestnut brown, deep burgundy, and charcoal blue are considered moody because of their velvety appearance and complex undertones, which provide layers of rich depth that we don’t always see with traditional colors.

Paint manufacturers predict that moody colors will be some of the big stars when it comes to 2019 paint colors, and we couldn’t be more excited. These rich colors are a great way to make a dramatic statement on cabinetry or accent walls, and in small bathrooms for a den-like appearance.

Cabinetry paint color: Benjamin Moore, Trout Gray


2. Nature Influences

Paint manufacturers take a close look at all aspects of society, including fashion trends, architecture and global influences, as they form their yearly color forecasts. Even our increased use of smartphones and devices is a factor that color experts note can play a role in the paint colors we gravitate towards when choosing colors for our homes.

The paint companies unanimously noted in their 2019 forecasts that serene colors reminiscent of the sky, nature, and the ocean are gaining popularity with consumers as a way to balance and relax our overstimulated eyes at the end of the day. Look to muted blues, greens, grays, and browns for a calming nod to nature


3. Cozy Whites

White will always be a staple color for paint manufacturers, but what do the paint experts have to say about the white wall trend? Behr color expert Erika Woelfel says that "while bright white hues are an enduring favorite within homes (and Instagram feeds!), we’re seeing warmer whites emerge all across the country.”  Erika further noted that tried-and-true hues like Behr Swiss Coffee and Antique White feel fresh, light and cozy, all at the same time. Polar Bear continues to be Behr's most popular classic, crisp white.


4. Warm Neutrals

Few will be surprised that neutral paint colors continue to be one of the most popular paint trends in 2019. However, manufacturers have predicted that consumers will trend toward slightly warmed-up neutrals in the year ahead. These warm neutrals will mean a shift from cooler grays to greiges and tans.

Color experts also note that, when it comes to specific neutral shades that will trend in 2019, we will be seeing everything from the most subtle light warm grays to mid-tone browns that can make a space appear cozier.

5. Contrasting Black

According to paint manufacturers, black is back in a big way in 2019!  Although some of us might wonder if black really ever disappeared. Black is a beautiful way to add contrast to white or lighter spaces when used on cabinetry, interior doors, and accent walls.

If you like the idea of incorporating black into your home but worry about a true black being too strong, consider choosing an almost-black hue with a gray or brown undertone. These shades of black will give you beautiful contrast without being too bold and dramatic.

6. Soft Hues

Soft hues and muted colors are also predicted to trend in 2019. Paint manufacturers are seeing this resonate with consumers as they begin to add small pops of color to all-neutral spaces, a trend that has been popular throughout the past few years. Softer shades are a great compromise for those who want a touch of color but are not ready to go bold.


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