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Tips for Decorating With Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year
Thursday, 04 April 2019 - 8:59 | Views - 253

It's official: Living Coral has been named the color of the year by the trusted color experts at Pantone. See how to use it in your home as a playful accent color.

The color experts at Pantone have spoken: Living Coral is the 2019 color of the year! This exciting announcement came last week, and interior decorators are already finding ways to incorporate the lively shade into their homes.

Living Coral is a bright pink-orange hue with a soft, golden undertone, making it a more livable shade of coral than we’ve seen in the past. While you can certainly go all-in and paint an entire room or accent wall with this color, we recommend using Living Coral as an accent with accessories or furniture. See below for more inspiration on how to decorate with Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year.

1. Create a Cohesive Color Scheme

Living Coral is a bright, happy color, so it’s a natural choice for a room that gets lots of light. Paired with rattan furniture, it keeps this family sunroom fun and playful. To build an entire room around one color, such as coral, choose a large focal point, like this rug, and pull pillows and textiles that complement or contrast. Make sure to add plenty of neutral or white accents to balance bold colors.


2. Paint an Accent Feature

While colorful paint can be intriguing, consider painting an accent feature before diving in head-first with a coral wall. The trim on these kitchen windows adds a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. Plus, it calls attention to the lush backyard views. Think of it as a fun alternative to the black window trim trend.


3. Add Complementary Colors

When decorating with Living Coral, consider its complementary colors. In this room, navy blue and green pair to make a preppy bed perfect for a coral throw blanket. Incorporate a few touches of coral, such as a throw pillow or piece of art, throughout the room for a cohesive look.

4. Pile on the Pillows

We will always recommend pillows as a source of inviting color into your home. Adding a throw pillow is easy, practical, and if you can find a pillowcase in your desired color, it’s extremely affordable! In addition to a Living Coral pillow, pick up a bundle of your favorite coral flowers as a centerpiece.

5. Play with Pattern

Amp up the preppiness of Living Coral with stripes or polka dots. This adorable pairing looks good as window coverings, a bench cushion, or even a floor pouf. Coupled with bright white, striped Living Coral curtains catch your attention right away, and in this case, perfectly frame the view of the backyard.

6. Feature Coral on Furniture

A fresh coat of paint is an ideal way to refresh an old piece of furniture. A shade similar to Pantone’s Living Coral perked up this dresser that was in need of some TLC. Before painting, wooden dowels were attached to the front of the drawers with pin nails to give the dresser some texture.


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