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Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Friday, 22 February 2019 - 12:03 | Views - 37


1.       Find Your Personal Kitchen Lighting Style

Kitchen lighting has never been as exciting as we see today! The good news is that almost anything goes. The hottest lighting trend is industrial meets retro meets modern, which means it's your personal take on what works best with your kitchen. The rules for kitchen lighting design are few; follow your general style theme (or mix it up thoughtfully for an eclectic look), pay attention to task lighting at the backsplash or anywhere you want or need light, and you're on your way to a kitchen that is dramatic and multi-dimensional. Lighting fixtures play with light in the most wonderful and exciting ways. Seek out fixtures with LEDS to save a maximum amount of energy. 

2.       Elegant Fixtures

A kitchen with a fantasy lighting design becomes its own focal point. Both decorative and useful, a creative lighting design makes its own rules for maximum style and impact. LED light bulbs make an abundance of light fixtures look great and still save energy.

3.       Creative Lighting Design

Lighting fixtures with unusual and voluminous texture becomes a floating sculpture. Trendy for the chic kitchen table, modern elegance is the look.

4.       Minimalist Lighting

A simple, iconic light fixture, nearly invisible in white, is all about a minimalist look and feel. Perfect for a small kitchen, the look of a single modern light fixture is easy to appreciate.

5.       Mixed Up Fixtures

One of the hottest trends is to select a few light fixtures from a lighting brand's collection and make your own grouping. Vary heights and sizes for design flexibility and a fun factor.

6.       Hang Pendants Low

Hung low (but not too low) your kitchen pendants will add that very popular cozy trend to the kitchen. Do you think they are too low? Hang them lower!

7.       Industrial Lighting Design

Retro yet thoroughly modern, fixtures in threes add a pleasing design statement. An industrial design plus finish can enhance any minimalist kitchen. 

8.       Architectural Lighting

Brighten up the backsplash! Design an architectural element such as a long shelf high above the countertop and create a 
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