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DIY :- Painted Bottle Vases
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 - 13:36 | Views - 3,293

What you need:

  • Tools:

    A big syringe
    A paint brush
    A bowl to mix the paint

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Few transparent bottles and jars
  • Watercolors or wall paint
  • Plastic tubes of different sizes (easy to get at florists)

First gather all transparent bottles and jars you’ve been storing for a long time. Prepare tools such as syringe, paint brush, and a bowl. Next, think of colors you’d like to use for your project (they can be totally different or in one gradient, for example sunny), and plastic tubes of different sizes that you can get from florists.


Now, it is time to mix your colors to get the tones you like. Use a little bowl and paint brush to do it. Few drops of water will help with that, but do not use it too much. Everything depends on the paint type if it is watercolor or a wall paint.


After preparing your favorite tone, fill a syringe with it. You will ned 80 – 100ml to cover the interiors of larger bottles.


Pour the paint into the bottle.


Move the bottle every way around, so that the paint covers each corner and walls evenly.


Once covered, let the bottles stay upside down for several hours. This way all the excess paint will pour out. You can do it in a sink or on some absorbent paper.


After that, put them back, clean all the excess paint and let them dry completely (it usually takes couple of days)


In case you have used watercolors, you can not fill your amazimg bottles with water, because the paint will come off. Now it is a good time to put those plastic tubes inside, so that it is possible to decorate your bottles with fresh flowers.


You can use almost any cut flowers to decorate your bottles with. Here you can see white daisies, yellow freesias and paniculata. It is so simple, and yet such an eye catching home decoration. Perfect for refreshing your house or for a gift.

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