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Remodeling Ideas You'll Wish You'd Thought of First
Tuesday, 04 September 2018 - 15:50 | Views - 187

Mix Up Materials

A white kitchen demands white or stainless components -- right? Creative remodeling can turn that on its head, with an inventive use of materials that adds trend-forward personalization as well as warmth and visual interest. This distinctive vent hood, crafted from rustic wood, picks up on the tones of the island and floor, even as it adds its own perfect imperfections to the room's mix.

Improve Architectural Detailing

Strategically placed details can enhance existing elements in your home or complement new ones during a remodel. For very large ceilings and traditionally styled rooms, consider a series of symmetrical beams. They help to break up large expanses as well as direct the eye and add visual relief.

Conserve Your Floor Space

Doors are a necessity, of course, but doors also take up valuable floor space, disrupting traffic flow. A sliding door -- here, a repurposed barn door -- is an inventive remodeling solution to add cool materials and function.

See Details in a New Light

Creative remodeling doesn't necessarily mean tearing out walls and adding spendy new windows. Sometimes it's reimagining and repurposing found things. Case in point: An old wood arch piece got a new life as a base for a diminutive but practical entry table. Simple molding picks up on the door's details to help create a fun chalkboard message board, too.

Create Your Own Charm

Remodeling should, by its very nature, make a room both more livable and more beautiful. This porch redo does just that, with selective upgrades that enhance the usefulness and charm. Screens help maximize living hours in the space, while textural linen curtains add rustic elegance. Upgrades such as fans and integrated sound systems add amenities the whole family can enjoy.

Focus on Molding

A quick way to dress up plain-Jane walls: Add slender molding in a repeating pattern. On their own, these floor-to-ceiling cabinets would overpower the room. But with graceful molding, the doors offer an elegant, artful display.

Create a Family Center

Built-ins and furniture can cleverly combine to create a multipurpose area that serves a variety of family needs. Here, a desk stars as workplace central, with storage and cool, contemporary detailing on a message center. An adjacent oversize table offers loads of flexible space that can be used as needed.

Include Distinctive Storage

Ask any family what they want more of, and the answer is likely "storage." But storage doesn't have to be boring: Creative remodeling can add beauty, too. Here, a pretty mix-and-match of storage types results in an expansive storage wall that also offers display space. Another benefit of glass doors: Light bounces around, and the rich cabinet color doesn't become overpowering.


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